Victory over the sun

(in progress)
Artistic research, field-trips, fluorescent light tubes and intervention in public space, collage, photography, video and artist book. Project developed as a fellow artist at the VISIT residence program of the Innogy Stiftung für Energie und Gesselschaft.
2017 – ongoing

Victory Over The Sun explores post-natural landscapes of the present, where the infrastructure (visible and invisible) of communications and energy transmission coexists with the vegetal landscape and non-human species, creating an ecosystem where the “human“, the “natural” and the “technical” are intertwined into an indissoluble network. The project seeks to confront the material and spiritual aspects of the techno-sphere we live in, exploring the human body and its relationship with the electromagnetic fields—both natural and artificial—surrounding us.

The project is presented as an experimental study of a landscape in the outskirts of Cologne, near “Garzweiler I” Brown Coal open pit mine (the biggest in Europe), where a squatted forest creates resistance, as the biggest man-made hill is being re-cultivated and the largest artificial sun facilities are being developed.

The title of the project refers to the futurist opera written in 1923 by Aleksei Kruchenykh. In Victory Over the Sun, the sun is captured and brought from heaven to Earth, to be locked in a concrete bucket (symbolized on stage by Kazimir Malevich’s famous “Black Square”). The opera celebrated the dystopic independence of humankind from the sun and its system, through the generation of man’s own energy sources.

In the Andean culture, the sun, Inti, is the God, and its representation in Andean cosmology shares shapes and icons with the Russian futurist opera.

Rescuing old and new visions of the human relation to nature, power and technology, and projecting them into the present times we live in, I try to explore future visions and understandings on our technological coexistence with the landscape, its visible and invisible materiality and the living cycles of the human and the non-human.

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