The Nature of Things

Site-specific intervention in collaboration with Sina Seifee in a wasteland (Brachland) in Bochum.
6 LED Spotlights, electricty and an artificial hill (aprox. 10m. high and 20 m. diameter).
FKT (Freies Kunst Territorium)
Bochum, Germany, 2013.

At night, a hill located on a wasteland in Bochum is illuminated: marking it as an architectural landmark. The green hill is covered with trees and bushes that on first sight appear natural, but upon closer inspection one realizes that this landscape in fact originates from the industrial ruins and waste material left by the Thyssen Krupp steel mill, once located there. As time passed, the hill was wildly taken over by nature, alongside a further 20 hectares of land that citizens now use as an open park. 

This project was conceived for the exhibition Searching for the White Cube. Thanks to: Dorothee Schäfer (coordination FKT) | Horst Mühlberger (light-technics) | Sandra Jasper/Lisa Bensel (curators) | Mischa Kuball (Prof. KHM) | Sven Sappelt (C60 Collaboratorium)

video | lightcolor