The Nature of Things

Site-specific intervention in collaboration with Sina Seifee in a wasteland (Brachland) in Bochum.
6 LED Spotlights, electricty and an artificial hill (aprox. 10m. high and 20 m. diameter).
FKT (Freies Kunst Territorium)
Bochum, Germany, 2013.

The Nature of Things seeks to confront the industrial, urban, historical and natural phenomena that constitute this wasteland and its area in particular (Bochum and the Ruhr, area that became popular due to the photographic documentation by Bernd and Hilla Becher), using as a minimal gesture architectural lighting to lit a hill that is located in the middle of this empty lot. The green hill, covered with trees and bushes looks natural at first sight, but once getting closer one realizes it is in fact originated from the remains of the industrial ruins and waste material left by the steel industry that used to be installed there. As time passed by this hill has been wildly taken by nature, just like the whole 20 hectares that conform this nowadays empty lot.

The act of illuminating the hill, making it thus visible at night as an architectural Landmark, reveals, on the one hand, the power of nature over its origins as post-industrial Landscape. And, on the other hand, it reveals its artificiality once again, poetically highlighting all that that architecturally and historically became invisible there.

This project was conceived for the exhibition Searching for the White Cube. Thanks to: Dorothee Schäfer (coordination FKT) | Horst Mühlberger (light-technics) | Sandra Jasper/Lisa Bensel (curators) | Mischa Kuball (Prof. KHM) | Sven Sappelt (C60 Collaboratorium)

video | lightcolor

Balmaceda_NatureOfThings_2014_01-2Licht  collage2