Spirit Photography

Exposure of my electronic devices on photographic paper, edition of 3 unique photograms (triptych).
140 x 140 cm. each

Spirit Photography is a series of photograms, in which the light of three electronic devices was exposed on photographic paper in the darkroom. As a result, an abstract color image can be observed, which seems to capture the energy that each of these everyday devices emit, evoking, at the same time, the energy they consume. The title of the work refers to the spirit-photography (specifically the so-called photography of fluids) of the late 19th Century. These photographs were made by applying fingers directly to a photographic plate and were believed to make one’s vital fluid (radiation) visible.

TV, 00’12”

Sleep Light (Mac Book), 00’01”, 00’02”, 00’03”, 00’04”, 00’05”