Paisajismo EM

Transdisciplinary artistic-research project in collaboration with Cristian Espinoza.
Field trips, walks, guided tours and exhibition with found and recycled material.
Parque Cultural de Valparaiso (PCdV) / Flora Arts + Natura (workshop)

Paisajismo EM is an artistic-research project that collects material evidences, maps, models, photos, videos, sound recordings and writing exercises. The aim of the project is to create a sort of analytical cartography that results from a series of field trips through the Valparaiso,  searching for material clues to see and try to understand its dark ecology (a term we coin from Timothy Morton). By dark ecology we understand the entaglement of the energy and technological industry and human-made infrastructure with the landscape and its non-human inhabitants. In this process, a series of socio-ecological conflicts showed  that remain largely invisible, and which for us reflect a largely hidden and invisible material reality that we have decided to explore through observation, drift, dialogue, mapping, collection and interpretative assembly of the findings.

Paisajismo EM took place as a series of  collective walks with local communities and activists,  in places such as: Laguna Verde Power Plant,  the Campana-Peñuelas Biosphere Reserve, the so-called “Sacrifice Zone” in Quintero/Puchuncaví, the Federico Santa María Cliffs Nature Sanctuary and also in the city of Valparaíso and its surroundings.

Collaborators: Pedro Donoso, Salvador Donghi, Rosa Julia Muñoz (Mujeres de Zona de Sacrificio en Resistencia), Valentina Montero, Parque Cultural de Valparaíso (PCdV). Acknowledgements: Cristina Guerra, Rodolfo Andaur.

Workshop Paisajismo EM at FLORA Ars+Natura, Bogota