Paisajismo EM

Site-specific workshop and project in collaboration with Cristian Espinoza and local participants as an invitation of FLORA Ars& Natura, within the program of the exhibition “Energ(ética)” curated by José Roca and Isaac Dyner.
Bogotá, Colombia

Paisajismo Electromagnético is a collaborative project that explores the current dark ecologies of the contemporary landscape in urban areas, where the infrastructures of communications, energy and the industry are interconnected and coexist with natural vegetation in one inseparable ecosystem.

The workshop consisted on a field study on this phenomena, where we observed, experienced and collectively map the electromagnetic landscape of the neighbourhood (San Felipe), using some DIY tools (electromagnetic microphones and amplifiers) created during a DIY workshop we gave at FLORA. The experimental walk ended at an electronic waste disposal district that is just after San Felipe, where we collected some discarded appliances or “zombie media” -mostly antennas-, with the aim of bringing them back to Life, thus randomly capturing as sound electromagnetic waves in front of Monumento Los Heroes, where the “Energética” exhibition was shown. After this action took place, we left the objects in front of the monument, expecting them to go back to their origin (e-waste disposal), which actually happened a few hours afterwards when a “chatarra” collector, an occupation widely seen in this area, picked them up.