Paisaje Chileno

From the series Televisión Hipnótica
Metallic box, PVC Fabric, plastic figures and found objects, halogen lamp, shadows and engine.
100 x 80 x 60 cm

The Televisión Hipnótica series is composed by light boxes in which shadows are cast onto a screen, rendering nostalgic and bucolic landscapes and still life compositions that contrast with the chaotic and precarious models that originate the shadows. This series seeks to question the perception that is generated by technological media, by exposing the artificiality and the distortion of reality that they cause. The moving images are created in a handcraft‑like manner, seeking to parody the numbing hypnotic effect that a medium like the TV creates. In this way, the boxes allude to our status of consumers, constantly exposed to stimuli that end up altering our perception of reality.