Slide show in collaboration with Mario Gomes.
Found slides and text excerpts from the book “Reise um die Erde”, by F.J.F.Meyen.

Reise is a slide show made out of found slides and text. The text-excerpts were quoted from the book “Reise um die Erde” (1834) by Dr. F.J.F. Meyen (DE). In this book Meyen describes his impressions of Chile and South America for the king of Prussia Friedrich Wilhelm III; in a sort of diary and naturalist text all together that it is now combined with a “family-travel” like footage that was found in germany.

Coming from South America, mountains are deeply rooted in the collective imagination of my place of origin, or Heimat.The Andean culture is probably one of the cultural traits that identifies and defines much of the identity of the South American continent. Working and living in Europe, far from my place of origin, has strengthened the identification with mountainous landscapes. This made me to think that the Alps are perhaps in Europe what the Andes are to the South American imaginary. I happened to find an old collection of slides that documented the journey of a European family to the Alps. This “discovery” made me reflect upon the topic of the mountain range and its roll in our identity and collective imaginary. Inspired by this fact I developed this piece, as an attempt to poetically search for similarities and contrasts of the mountain as a symbolic element in the Chilean and European landscape.