El cielo que cae

MA show and paper.
Video-installation, cyanotype, photography, sculpture, artist book.
DAAD Fellowship and Postgraduate studies at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne (KHM).
Q18 Exhibition Space – Atelierhaus Quartier am Hafen

Falling Sky was an exhibition of photographs, a video-installation and an object created following an artist residency in Quillagua, a former oasis in the Atacama Desert. The artworks explore and bring together several aspects of the desert that make evident the existing, underlying tensions between the “earthly” and the “heavenly” in this particular territory.

The main piece was a video installation that documented an intervention that took place inside a large crater at the Valle the Meteoritos. The action partially covered the crater’s inner surface with “emergency foil blankets” , a silver material that reflects the blue sky, thus creating the illusion of water, silver, or a mirage – that changed according to the perspective.

The video installation was accompanied by a wooden cube that hung from the ceiling of the room, which visitors could get in to and contemplate a cloudy sky: an illusion created by an “infinity mirror” effect and artificial light, thus proposing a reversal of the illusion shown on the video.

In addition, a series of cyanotypes were shown that had been created in the desert by exposing found objects, astronomical glass photographic plates and satellite views of the area on paper to the radiation of the sun. The images were fixed with water extracted from the Loa River, which crosses the oasis of Quillagua and is polluted with various minerals from the mining industry of the region (the biggest producer of copper in the world), thus generating variations in the result.

The exhibition provided a space in which to explore encounters of the sky with desert earth’s surface; the coexistence of scientific and popular discourses on the origin of a crater; the light and energy phenomena related to the sun and to mineral extraction; and the constant dialogue and tension of human infrastructure with the natural landscape and its resources.


MA Paper/Diploma (introduction)