Inner Space

Video installation, video printer, video-prints, CCTV camera, monitor, portable radiographer (prototype) and illustration.
Variable dimensions.

One of the most widespread human fantasies has been the possibility of reading people’s minds, a fantasy that has been strongly influenced by the development of media technologies and brain imaging advances. By the end of the 19th Century, responding to the telepathic impulse and the discoveries of radioactivity and x-ray imaging, scientists as Hippolyte Baraduc and Louis Darget exposed photographic plates on people’s foreheads in order to capture thoughts.

Recently (in August 2011), a group of scientists succeeded in reconstructing internal images of the brain by using a scanner and a computer to record mental images as video clips. Taking these two historical references as a starting point, the installation Inner Space Odyssey presents a collection of “mindimages”, accompanied by an object: A recreation of the “Portable Radiographer” conceived by Louis Darget, in order to capture thoughts. A black and white small monitor connected to it shows a cosmic-like moving image. A video-printer that is connected to the monitor as well as an image of Darget’s “radiographer” hanging on the wall complete this installation.

video | perform