Full Spectrum

Solo exhibition at EG Null: Raum für Junge Kunst, temporary exhibition space at the Generali AG company.
Installation, video-wall, photography, sunlight, daylight simulation, found plants and sofas, geodesic dome, film-set lighting.
Curated by Julia Höner and Georg Elben.
Cologne | Germany | 2014 – 2015

Curatorial text in German

Full Spectrum brings together a series of artworks that emerge from an exchange project between a group of astronomers and visual artists in Cologne, Germany, in 2014 and 2015. During this period of time I visited laboratories, observatories and astronomical instrumentation located in Germany and in Chile, having the opportunity to exchange on scientific and artistic knowledges with the members of the group.

Taking this experience as a starting point – using materials, objects, video recordings and images collected during the exchange-, I created a series of objects and site-specific installations that were inter-related with each other and aimed to explore the relationship of the human body with light (natural and artificial), as well as the influence of sunlight on our sense of time and space inside and outside architecture. In addition, two videos in dialogue to the above mentioned pieces completed the show: “Andromeda” exploring the pictorial tradition of the landscape in astro-photography and the popular imaginary of outer space, and “Paranal” creating a contrast to the first one by documenting the impact of astronomical machinery and high-tech facilities on the ground of the desert; both together reflecting on what remains unseen while accomplishing the endless scientific effort of picturing of the invisible and capturing the unknown.

The Full Spectrum exhibition took place in a temporary exhibition space curated by Georg Elben and Julia Höner within the insurance company Generali AG. Due to this context, the exhibition also sought to create a dialogue between the corporate, the scientific and the spiritual; thus incorporating the workers of the company in a series of “Aura” portraits made inside the installation “Spectral Corridor”, as well as through the interaction and usage of an “environment” conceived as an experiment where workers of the company could spend their free time to get exposed to a lamp that simulated sunlight during the dark months of the year.

Photos by Michael Heym and Elisa Balmaceda


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