Victory Over The Sun

(in progress)
Intervention in public space, photography, video and artist book.

The current dark ecologies of the landscape and the contemporary technological living, where the infrastructure (visible and invisible) of communications and energy transmission coexists with the vegetal landscape and non-human species, creates today an ecosystem where the “human“, the “natural“ and the “technical” are intertwined into an indissoluble network on a planetary scale.

The artistic-research project Victory Over The Sun seeks to investigate this reality, confronting the material and spiritual aspects of the techno-sphere we live in, exploring the human body and its relationship with the electromagnetic fields — both natural and artificial, human and non-human — surrounding us.

The project is presented as an experimental study of the contemporary hybrid landscape through several actions and events, and is the result of the intertwining of three elements of study: the cosmic realms of the sun and its power, the anthropogenic technological phenomena of electro-smog, and the old practice of radiesthesia and the human body in relation to the natural landscape and its resources. Thus, by bringing this three phenomena together, Victory Over The Sun aims at exploring the temporal, spatial, cosmological, spiritual and imaginary dimensions of the current electromagnetic society we live in.

The title of the project, Victory over The Sun, refers to the first futurist opera written in 1923 by Aleksei Kruchenykh. In Victory Over the Sun, the sun is captured and brought from heaven to Earth, to be locked in a concrete bucket (symbolized on stage by the famous painter Kazimir Malevich’s black square). Thus, the opera aimed to celebrate a utopian independence from humankind over the sun and its system, through the generation of man’s own energy sources (at that time, the electrification of cities). Bringing this piece from the past to our days, the project final scope is to reflect on the utopias and dystopias of the present times we live in regarding energy consumption, public space and our environment: How shall we re-negotiate the usage of energy at the current stake of the planet? Are we artists able to operate as mediators within this dialogue between energy, technology, humans and nature? How can art bring in thoughts on new forms of usage of energy and waste in a public sphere? How can we re-think our notions of the techno-sphere in a dialogue with the non-human (plants, birds and trees, among others)? Are so-called occult, pseudoscientific and ancient practices regarding radiation, energy and nature able to expand our perspectives and broaden up our relation to the environment?

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