Victory Over The Sun

Series of interventions in public space.
Fluorescent light tubes, electromagnetic field
Video HD and digital photography.

The ongoing project Victory Over the Sun consists of a one year research project, which I am currently developing as a VISIT artist in residency at the RWE/Innogy Stiftung. The objective of the project is to study, map, capture and materialize, through light and hand-made ephemere constructions, electromagnetic fields in public spaces and in the neighborhood of high voltage power lines in cities, suburbs and rural spaces, among others. The project is part of a long-term investigation based on the study of Invisible Architectures, an exploration that aims to study the materiality of the invisible within current energy and communication technologies.

In the first field study and exploration of the project, documented in video and photography, we see a person that walks with a fluorescent light tube, following the power lines that cross the desert and pass over one of the craters of a place called Valle de Meteoritos. The tube of light captures the electric radiation in the air emanating from the power lines, lightning while getting in contact with the hand of the person, as a sort of ground wire that makes visible our constant exposure to invisible electromagnetic fields around us. The video is accompanied by a night photography taken with long exposure time, where the above-described action becomes a light trail that blends into the starry sky of the desert.

The project title refers to the first futurist opera written in 1923 by Aleksei Kruchenykh. In Victory Over the Sun, the sun is captured and brought from heaven to Earth, to be locked in a concrete bucket (symbolized on stage by the famous painter Kazimir Malevich’s black square). Thus, the opera aimed to celebrate a utopian independence from humankind over the sun and its system, through the generation of man’s own energy sources.

Captura de pantalla 2015-10-21 a las 13.30.06Foto-Elisa-Balmaceda