Aus der Luft

Booklet containing a transcript dialogue based on a collection of images and found objects.
Risography and digital printing.
Edition of 100 self-published hand-printed booklets.

In a recorded conversation with the Astronomer Dr. Michael Geffert (Max Planck Institute Bonn), we discussed some of the issues related to our perspectives on images and reality. Through the analysis of astronomical pictures, landscape images, optical artefacts, photographs, and found objects, we aimed to confront our ways of seeing. We pondered the possibility of expanding our way of reading images, or decoding visual information, especially in the genre of landscape and our relation to nature mediated through technology, from both terrestrial and cosmic perspectives. This would constitute a poetical way to rethink the imaging and also of “imagining“ the visible and the invisible.

Contribution for the ongoing interdisciplinary project Dialog der Sterne organized by the SFB 956, formed by the institutions : Argelander – Institut für Astronomie (University of Bonn), Physikalisches Institut (University of Cologne) and  Max Planck Institut für Radioastronomie (Bonn).

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Part of this conversation has been published at the KHM-Journal Nº5: Grenzen und Gespinte