Cuerpos sensibles, vibrantes, radiantes

Created at Tsonami Arte Sonoro (Artist in residency program 2021)
Assemblage of found mineral, vegetal and electronic elements.
Recycled copper wire & electronic devices, 6 analogue audio channels of amplified electromagnetic and biological energetic fields, 1 video-channel, handmade antenna, artificial light.

Cuerpos sensibles, vibrantes, radiantes is the result of a series of journeys through different energetic points in the region of Valparaíso, with the aim of exploring the material relationship between the biosphere and the technosphere. The installation brings together material findings, antennas, microphones and speakers (several of them used to capture diverse spectra and voices during fieldwork in the territory), generating an assemblage where vegetal and mineral entities are interwoven with recycled artifacts that create circuits and hybrid devices such as antenna-trees and amplifier-stones. The piece proposes a kind of archaeology of vibrant, sensitive and radiant bodies that emerge from a saturated and degraded landscape, linking human and non-human elements that are interconnected again in an attempt to expand our current forms of energetic communication and technological alchemy, seeking to imagine new multispecies symbiotics to survive in a highly polluted and damaged planet.