Solar Chamber

In collaboration with Luis Balmaceda (architect)
Site-specific sculpture in the Fontelo woods
POLDRA – Public Sculpture Viseu
Portugal, 2019

Solar Chamber (Inversion) is inspired by pre-columbian astronomical constructions to observe the landscape and the sky in the Americas. The piece seeks to re-contextualize the relation of the human with the cyclical, cosmological and ritual components of the environment in order to reconnect the human body with the local and material sorroundings in times of ecological crisis and climate change.

As an architecture of observation at Fontelo Park, the construction holds an external belvedere (facing South East) for the observation of the surroundings and an inner space (facing North West) in which a stone from Fontelo Park itself serves as support to reflect the sky and invert the position of sun, which is now observed from within the chamber as if one would be standing in the Southern Hemisphere. In addition, the whole construction is aligned with one of the most relevant rituals since ancient times: the summer solstice, meaning when the sun reaches its highest altitude and, immediately afterwards, start its journey back to the Southern Hemisphere, where several original cultures still celebrate the beginning of a new year.

On June 21 2020 at 12:30 the sunlight will be fully projected into the chamber.