Bad Robot

Metallic “meccano” structure and platform, found objects, found pieces of appliances, 2 microphones and 6 wheels.
180 x 85 x 170 cms.
2007 – 2009

Bad Robot is based on a Meccano toy set, a model construction system comprising metallic interlocking pieces that can be used to assemble mechanical devices. In Bad Robot, these components are combined with found and recycled objects. The structure allows the simultaneous operation of different chains of movement, thus setting the different objects in motion. Unlike a real machine, Bad Robot is not meant to produce anything. It subverts the idea of the machine, making the work seem nonsensical and absurd. Without a pragmatic objective, the movement of the clockwork mechanism becomes an end in itself. Being constituted by extremely diversified objects, the piece is given a sense of unity by the constant movement and the noise it generates. These constant rhythmic patterns also emphasize the passing of time; a time which is determined by the simultaneity of events. As the different circuits work in parallel, continuously, with neither end nor beginning, linearity is erased, creating the illusion of time stopping.